Dr. Mom

Dr. Mom




Vă prezentăm în premieră poveştile scrise de o fetiţă româncă din Victoria, Andra Andrei. Andra are 10 ani şi este în clasa a 5-a. Îi place să scrie şi să deseneze.  Este o pasionată patinatoare şi iubeşte animalele.

I-au plăcut poveştile spuse de Mamaie, pe vremea când mai ştia limba părinţiilor. Acum, că a crescut, nu le mai poate nici citi, nici înţelege. Scrie poveşti canadiene, cu talent. Mai greu pentru noi să le înţelegem... Poate le înţeleg copiii noştri, deveniţi ei înşişi canadieni.

Am ales aceste două "poveşti" pentru mesajul lor puternic. Ne bucură să descoperim talentul copiilor noştri!


Mr. Mom

HI, My name is Chris... And my name is Lenny. So I hear you want to hear our story.
It starts like this:

"Hmmm let's think... Our dad goes to work", says Lenny. "And I'm only 10 and you're only 11, so who could take care of us when our dad is at work?" said Chris.
"We could take care of ourselves", said Lenny.
 "No, we are too young, but we could hire someone to take care of us, couldn't we?" asked Chris.
 ''Good idea," said Lenny.

 So they went to phone their dad.

 "Ring, ring, ring" went the phone.
''Hi dad" said Lenny.
''Hi" said their dad.
 Then Lenny started to talk: "So... dad... I know that it is against the law to leave your kids home also..."
"I know, I know but..."
"I was wondering if you could hire someone to take care of us", said Lenny.
"Good idea" said their dad.

When he came back from work they went shopping. When they were waiting in line they saw a man. They started to talk with the man. Then Lenny & Chris's dad asked the man if he could baby-sit or move in with them. Lenny also told him about their mom. He understood their story and accepted to move in. After a week Lenny & Chris said that nothing could replace their mom. And that was right.

Then Lenny had a thought. She said, "Why don't we call our babysitter Mr. Mom?"
"Good idea," said Chris.

So off they went to ask their babysitter if they could call him Mr. Mom. He agreed.

They played and had fun for a month until he went to visit his cousin. Mr. Mom had a car crash. The bad news is he didn't survived. They went to visit him in the hospital before he passed away.

A week after Mr. Mom died they went shopping. When they were waiting in line they saw a lady. They helped her carry her bags to her car. Then they asked for a ride home. When they got there they invited her in for pizza. When they were inside they asked her if she could baby-sit. They also told her about their mom. She said that she would love to help. So she moved in with her little girl. Her name was Sarah. She was three years old. They played and had fun.

A year later Lenny & Chris's Dad got married with Sarah's Mom. A year after they got married they had a baby boy.  They named him Jack. When all the kids grew up, Jack became a doctor, Sarah became a babysitter, and Lenny grown to be a scientist and Chris became a mechanic.

Their life was perfect until...

Their parents started to feel sick.

(To follow)

The Medicine


So now we continue our story.

The Mom and Dad got really sick
"What could we do?" said Lenny.
"We should have taken better care of our parents!" said Sarah.

A few days later Jack made a medicine that would make sick people feel much better. So both of the parents held hands really tight and took the medicine.

After a few weeks they started to get sicker. But in a few months Sarah added some new ingredients to the medicine. In a few months there was a very different medicine. It was called the Magic Medicine. Then Sarah went and told the parents what the rules were for taking the Magic Medicine.

She said: "This medicine would keep you alive as long as you would not do any very bad things." The two parents held hands and promised that they would not do any bad things. Then they took the medicine.

One week after that the whole world started taking the Magic Medicine. They had to. It was a rule. All the bad people died and all the people came from haven and the world became such a happy place that no one died and it started to be called the world of happiness.

The End!