Westside Preparatory High School (WPHS)

Canada is a country that offers immense possibilities for young men and women entering their independent lives. It is not a secret to anyone that university and college education is a necessary asset for anyone wishing for a high-paying and interesting job. Parents clearly understand the importance of post-secondary education and are ready to do their best to provide it for their children.

The admission to colleges and universities in Canada is not a difficult process per se. There are no exhausting entrance exams and almost no competition involved. All that is required from the students is providing a certificate that demonstrates a high level of academic performance. The level of academic performance is represented by an average score calculated from the student's achievements in grades 10, 11, and 12 as well as the results of the provincial examinations.

Unfortunately, a large portion of students graduating from schools cannot even dream about university education because they do not demonstrate the required level. Private schools generally offer better education and provide their students with greater chances of realizing their post-secondary ambitions. Many parents, however, are often held back from private schools because of the high costs involved. Tuition fees in most private schools may be as high as $16, 000 annually, while public education is absolutely free.

From the first glance, the situation may appear insolvable, but, fortunately, it is not entirely so. Westside Preparatory High School (WPHS) is a private school in which a very high level of academic knowledge granted to the students is combined with incredibly low costs: $2500-3500 annually. Many families can afford such expenditures.

What does Westside Preparatory High School offer?

Before we set out to answer this question, we will attempt to examine what the parents concerns are. There are a few significant concerns, indeed.

#1. Parents have already observed that nowadays education is the system where students have the right to study but they do not feel obliged to. Thus, the students get a choice of "studying or not studying" at an age when they may not be fully capable of evaluating the future consequences of their decisions. As a result, the student population is dominated by those who chose to go along with the minimal effort that is required. On the other hand, those few, who wish to acquire more knowledge, often find themselves in the outcast positions.

#2. Many parents are concerned that education is viewed as a process of entertainment of some sort. Students do not set their goals and work regularly and intensively towards them. Completion of homework becomes a heavy unmanageable burden for many students. Furthermore, sometimes it is not even mandatory that students complete their homework: the work is given but may not be checked.

#3. In addition, huge classes, often lacking all reasonable discipline do not allow students to concentrate and succeed. Many students do not possess self-discipline at this age. 

Caring parents has started giving a thought that their child has a shallow familiarity with the academic subjects (Math, Physics, Chemistry, etc.) without profound knowledge necessary for entering colleges and universities. Aware of this dramatic situation, the parents find themselves bound to seek help from tutoring agencies and spend immense amount of money attempting to find emergency solutions. This stress and expenditures could have been avoided if their children were enrolled in Westside Preparatory High School.

Well, what makes Westside Preparatory High School different from other schools?

WSPHS is a private Canadian non-religious school oriented at preparation of students to enter universities and colleges in the future. The school could be characterized by a few distinctive features.

ü  Acquisition of quality academic knowledge by students is the main priority of the school.

ü  Small class sizes (6-12) enable the teachers to effectively control the discipline and ensure personal and unique approach to every student.

ü  The school is oriented at the intensive interactive mode of learning. Student's active participation is always encouraged. Daily, students get a chance to perform in front of the class, explaining homework they completed the day before.

ü  The school has enriched Math courses that go beyond the regular Math program. Students are encouraged to participate in provincial, federal, and international Math contests.

ü  The school pays great attention to the process of bringing up a responsible citizen. It ensures that the students feel motivated to continue their education and to enter colleges and universities in the future.

ü  The courses at the school are instructed by experienced teachers who hold university degrees, specialized diplomas and are certified by British Columbia Authorities.

WSPH graduates receive the British Columbia Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma) that is accepted by all colleges and universities.

The school welcomes students into grades 5 to 12.

Affordable costs of education are an element of the school's vision and are maintained thanks to government grants and private donations. 

The school is located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver about three minutes away from the Granville sky train station.

The administration of the school will be glad to answer your questions over the phone (604) 662-8020 or in person.

Further information about the school can be found at the web-site www.westsidehs.com.


If you dream about university education for your children, but feel that they are starting to fall behind in school, do not leave the problem until grades 11 and 12: in many cases it may be already too late. Consider transferring to a private school today.

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